E-Library | 网上文库

Our online library contains all internal and external blockchain related articles, e-books, presentations and videos and it is the world's largest online blockchain library. External publications does not necessarily represent IBS's views or teachings. If your publication is listed as below and would prefer not to be listed, please email to hi@ibs.edu.sg. Total library items: 700+ and growing. Only registered learners and IBS alumni will have access to it.

我们的在线图书馆包含所有与内部和外部区块链相关的文章,电子书,演示文稿和视频,它是世界上最大的在线区块链图书馆。 外部出版物不一定代表区块链学院的观点或教学。 如果您的出版物列出如下,并且不想列出,请给我们发送电子邮件到hi@ibs.edu.sg。 图书馆项目总数:700多种,并且还在不断增长。只有注册的学习者和学院校友才能接触。