Global Blockchain Directory


IBS maintains the Global Blockchain Directory (GBD) and all organisations globally are welcome to list your organisation. Listing is subjected to all accurate information are provided and either by invitation-to-list, have collaborations with IBS or a nomsinal donation made to IBS. Organisation also agree to be part of the IBS‘s blockchain community. If your organisation is already listed and you wish to update your information, please email to

Why list on GBD? This is a complimentary service, there is no listing, membership or annual fees and enables organisations to find opportunities worldwide and organisation representatives to network with each other. IBS also strives to build an inclusive blockchain community so that we can learn and share. We maintain a community of about 700 people and our website's monthly unique traffic is more than 1000 visitors.

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为什么在全球区块链工商名录上列出? 这是一项免费服务,没有列出,会员资格或年费,并且使组织在全球范围内寻找机会,组织代表可以相互联系。 学院也在努力建立一个包容性的区块链社区,以便我们可以学习和共享。我们拥有一个约700人的社区,我们网站的每月独特点阅率超过1000。

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