Certified Blockchain Consultant™ (CBC)



Institute of Blockchain® (IBS) Ltd is the certification owner and international authority for the issuance of Certified Blockchain Consultant™ (CBC).

A Certified Blockchain Consultant™ is a blockchain professional who is trained in either executive, ISO or technical blockchain tracks. The executive tracks cover the basics of Fintech & Blockchain, its business models & strategy and standards & regulations.

The ISO tracks cover taxonomy, ontology, reference architecture, use cases, security, privacy, identity, smart contract applications, governance and interoperability.

The technical track cover fundamental blockchain and applications development on Ethereum, IOST and Hyperledger Fabric.


认证区块链顾问(CBC)是一名区块链专业人士,接受过行政,国际标准组织或技术区块链途径方面的培训。 行政途径涵盖了金融科技和区块链的基础知识,其商业模式和战略以及标准和法规。


技术途径涵盖了以太坊,IOST和Hyperledger Fabric上的基础区块链和应用程序开发。

course structure 课程结构

CBC is a modular course, learners can enroll as an entire course or per module basis selected either from the basket of modules from Executive, ISO or Technical Track.


Executive Track 行政途径:

Module 1 - CBC-M1: Fintech & Blockchain Primer (16 hrs | 4 CV)


Module 9 - CBC-M9: Tokenomics (8 hrs | 2 CV)


ISO Track 国际标准组织途径:

Module 2 - CBC-M2: Blockchain Foundations (8 hrs | 2 CV)

单元二: 区块链基础课

Module 3 - CBC-M3: Blockchain Security, Privacy and Identity (8 hrs | 2 CV)

单元三: 区块链安全,隐私和身份

Module 4 - CBC-M4: Smart Contract and their Applications (10 hrs | 2 CV)

单元四: 智能合约及其应用

Module 5 - CBC-M5: Blockchain Governance & Interoperability (8 hrs | 2 CV)

单元五: 区块链治理和互通性

Technical Track 技术途径:

Module 6 - CBC-M6: Applications Development on IOST Blockchain (10 hrs | 2 CV)

单元六: IOST区块链上的应用开发

Module 7 - CBC-M7: Applications Development on Ethereum Blockchain (20 hrs | 4 CV)

单元七: 以太坊区块链上的应用开发

Module 8 - CBC-M8: Applications Development on Hyperledger Fabric Platform (20 hrs | 4 CV)

单元八: Hyperledger Fabric平台上的应用开发

TRAINING & assessment PATHWAYS 培训与评估途径

Training Pathway 培训途径

  • All modules will be conducted via Face-to-Face facilitated classroom training 所有单元将通过面对面的课堂培训进行

Assessment Pathway 评估途径

Various modules will have different assessment pathways 各个单元将具有不同的评估途径:

  • Assessment Only Pathway (AOP) 仅评估途径

For learners whom have taken a blockchain course/programme other than IBS in recent 1 year are able to seek waiver for specific module and go directly for a full assessment without completing the module with IBS.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning Pathway (RPL) 承认先前的学习途径

For learners whom has prior learning or experience working in a Fintech or Blockchain organisation for at least 1 year are able to seek waiver for specific module.

  • Facilitated Learning & Assessment Pathway (FLA) 课堂学习与评估途径

Learners will be assessed after class via a end-of-module multiple-choice quiz or given assignment.

  • Composite Assessment (CA) 综合评估

Learners will be assessed during class via learning activities: e.g. group discussions, role-plays, oral questioning, reflective questioning.


There will be 2 intake of CBC each year: Jan and July.

Estimated duration to complete CBC: 6 months

Next Enrollment Registration: 25 Jan 2020

Next Intake: July 2020

Minimum Class Size: 5 to commence class

Maximum Class Size: 20







Financial Details 财务细节

Payment Modes Accepted 接受的付款方式:

*Cash payment is not accepted, an e-invoice will be sent to your email.


  • ATM/Online fund transfer to: OCBC Current Account 687-715-276-001
  • Cheque payable to: Institute of Blockchain Ltd & mail to our Registered Address
  • IOST tokens send to IOST public address: ibsedusg
  • PayPal to finance@ibs.edu.sg or paypal.me/instituteblockchain
  • PayNow to UEN: 201901394N or scan the below PayNow QR Code
  • SGQR: Scan the below SQQR Code

Funding Available 资金资助

Assessment & Certification 评估与认证

To attain the CBC, learner must satisfy:

  • Minimum 75% attendance for all modules
  • Passed ALL module composite assessment
  • To obtain a minimum Credit Value (CV) of 12 CV

Upon completion of a module, the learner will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment (COA)

Upon completion of the CBC course, the learner will be awarded the Certified Blockchain Consultant (CBC) Certificate and able to use CBC title after their name. e.g. John, CBC

All certificates will be issued electronically on blockchain via GovTech's OpenCerts platform.


  • 所有单元的出席率至少为75%
  • 通过所有单元综合评估
  • 获得最少12 CV学习值


完成CBC课程后,学习者将获得认证的区块链顾问(CBC)证书,并且可以在其名字后使用CBC头衔。 例如 约翰,CBC




Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry 信息与通信技术(ICT)行业

  • Blockchain Architect 区块链架构师
  • Blockchain Developer 区块链开发人员
  • Blockchain Engineer 区块链工程师
  • Blockchain Researcher 区块链研究员
  • Blockchain Solutions Consultant 区块链解决方案顾问

Financial Services Industry 金融服务业

  • Cryptocurrency Broker / Trader 加密货币经纪人/交易员
  • Cryptocurrency Market Analyst 加密货币市场分析师

Logistics Industry 物流业

  • Business Process Engineer / Operations Specialist 业务流程工程师/运营专员
  • IT Business Solutions Project Specialist 资讯科技业务解决方案项目专家
  • Logistics Data Specialist 物流数据专员
  • Logistics Innovation & Process Improvement / Logistics Systems Manager 物流创新与流程改进/物流系统经理

Wholesale Trade Industry 批发贸易业

  • Business / Market Research Analyst 商业/市场研究分析师
  • Credit Analyst 信用分析师
  • Commodities Trader 商品交易员
  • Contract Specialist 合同专员
  • Derivatives Trader 衍生品交易员
  • Operations Assistant / Coordinator 运营助理/协调员
  • Procurement / Sourcing Assistant 采购助理
  • Risk Analyst 风险分析师
  • Sales Assistant / Coordinator 销售助理/协调员
  • Trade Finance Analyst 贸易融资分析师