CBC-M1: FINTECH & Blockchain Primer


MODULE Description 课程说明

Module Code 单元代码: IBS-FBP

Learning Mode 学习方式: E-Learning with Face-to-face class 面对面和在线学习

Synopsis 概要:

Since 2014, Fintech has encompassed many technologies that propel the various industries. One such technology is the blockchain technology. From concept formation and ideation of blockchain to proliferation of blockchain applications (with cryptocurrency as one of the application) and international standardization in the near future. There is a rising trend in business use case of blockchain and growing interest to understand and know how blockchain and cryptocurrency works.

Fintech & Blockchain Primer (FBP) provides fundamental concepts of Fintech & Blockchain to the participants and practical knowledge of creating a blockchain wallet, exchange account and performing a blockchain transaction. Participants will go through mini lectures, group discussions, demonstrations and hands-on activities during the course.

FBP has been running for 12 runs since Oct 2017 in Singapore, Hong Kong & Dubai.

自2014年以来,金融科技涵盖了许多推动各个行业发展的技术。 一种这样的技术是区块链技术。 从区块链的概念形成和构想到区块链应用程序的普及(以加密货币作为应用程序之一)和不久的将来的国际标准化。 区块链的业务用例呈上升趋势,人们越来越了解和了解区块链和加密货币的工作原理。

金融科技与区块链入门学(FBP)向参与者提供金融科技与区块链的基本概念,并提供创建区块链钱包,交换账户和执行区块链交易的实践知识。 参加者将在课程期间进行小型讲座,小组讨论,演示和动手实践活动。


Learning Outcomes 学习成果

By the end of this module, learners will be able to 在单元结束时,学习者将能够:

• Define the meaning of Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

• Identify the types of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & DLT

• Discuss about the pros & cons of different types of Blockchain

• Describe the characteristics or features of Blockchain

• Display ability to view Blockchain transactions using a blockchain explorer

• Execute a Blockchain transaction on a Blockchain

• Analyze the relationship between Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & DLT

• Distinguish the difference between Smart Contract & Traditional Contract

• Recommend a Fintech or Blockchain Business Model for an Industry.

• Compare ICO, IEO, STO and IDO

MODULE Outline 课程概述

Introduction to Fintech & Blockchain (2 hours eLearning)

  • Brief History of Fintech & Blockchain
  • What is Fintech?
  • Fintech Ecosystem in Singapore
  • Fintech Applications
  • Overview of Blockchain
  • Terminologies of Blockchain
  • What is Blockchain?
  • Types of Blockchain
  • Blockchain Features
  • Blockchain Wallets & Explorers

Blockchain Applications & Use Cases (2 hours)

  • Fintech & Blockchain Business Models & Strategy
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain As A Service (BAAS)
  • Enterprise & Industry Use Cases (Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain, Real Estate)
  • Blockchain & China's Belt & Road Initiative (BRI/OBOR)

The Future of Fintech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (2 hours)

  • Blockchain Challenges & Limitations (Blockchain Trilemma)
  • Blockchain Standards & Regulations
  • Blockchain Trends: IEO, Stablecoins, STOs & IDO
  • Blockchain Adoption

Composite Assessment 综合评估 (1 hour)

Administrative Details 行政细节

Next Run 下一次课程: Available from 1 Aug 2020.

Duration 时间: 2 hours eLearning + 5 hours Facilitated Classroom Training (10am - 4pm)

Minimum Class Size 最小班级人数: 5 to commence class

Maximum Class Size 最大班级人数: 20

Pre-requisite 先决条件:

  • No prior knowledge in Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency required. 无需金融科技,区块链和加密货币的先验知识
  • Participants are encouraged to bring at least one of the following: Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones with chargers. 鼓励参与者携带以下至少一项:笔记本电脑,平板电脑,带充电器的智能手机。

Course Support 课程援助 :

  • For Online Module, Before & After Module: Email to hi@ibs.edu.sg 对于在线单元,单元之前和之后:通过电子邮件发送至hi@ibs.edu.sg
  • During Course: Adult Educator(s) are on-site to provide support。 课程期间:现场有成人教育工作者提供支持

Financial Details 财务细节

Course Fees 学费:

  • Individuals: USD $70 | SGD $100 per pax
  • IBS's Strategic & MOU Partners: $600 per organisation (up to 10 pax)
  • NPO/VWC/Government Agencies: $800 per organisation (up to 10 pax)
  • SMEs/MNCs: $1000 per organisation (up to 10 pax)

Funding Available 资金资助:

Refund Policy:

100% refund of course fees will be processed if:

  • The course is cancelled by organiser
  • Participant withdraw more than 7 days before course date
  • For withdrawal less than 7 days before course date, valid reasons such as a) Medical, b) Last Minute Travel Plans and c) Compassionate Grounds with valid documentations are submitted to finance@ibs.edu.sg
  • Valid documents accepted are medical certificate of self or next-of-kin, travel itinerary or death certificate.



  • 参加者在课程开始前7天以上退出
  • 对于在课程开始日期前不到7天的提款,请提供以下有效理由,例如a)医疗,b)最后一分钟旅行计划以及c)带有有效文件的有同情心的理由,请发送至finance@ibs.edu.sg
  • 接受的有效证件包括自我或近亲的医疗证明,旅行路线或死亡证明。

Assessment & Certification 评估与认证


  • There will be a composite assessment for the course. Assessment take into account the total % of class participation points.
  • Class participation includes a) Open-Ended Question b) Poll c) Collaboration - Group Discussion d) Quiz conducted during the course.


  • 该课程将进行综合评估。 评估考虑了课堂参与分数的总百分比。
  • 课堂参与包括:a)开放式问题b)投票c)合作-小组讨论d)在课程中进行的测验。


Participants will receive an electronically issued Certificate of Attainment (COA) on blockchain via GovTech's OpenCerts upon satisfying 75% of the attendance and completed end of course evaluation form.