CBC-M4: Smart Contract and their Applications


MODULE Description 课程说明

Module Code 单元代码: IBS-SCA

Learning Mode 学习方式: E-Learning with Face-to-face class 面对面和在线学习

Pre-requisite 先决条件: CBC-M1 Fintech & Blockchain Primer 金融科技和区块链入门学

Learning Outcomes 学习成果

By the end of this module, learners will be able to 在单元结束时,学习者将能够:

  • Identity the types of Smart Contract.
  • Deploy a smart contract or token using a Testnet
  • Justify a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation/Corporation use case

MODULE Outline 课程概述

E-Learning (2 hrs)

Introduction to Smart Contract (2 hrs)

Decentralized Applications - Dapps (2 hrs)

Decentralized Exchange - DEX (2 hrs)

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation/Corporation - DAO/DAC (1 hrs)

Composite Assessment 综合评估 (1 hr)

Administrative Details 行政细节

Next Run 下一次课程: Available from 1 Aug 2020.

Duration 时间: 2 hours eLearning + 5 hours Facilitated Classroom Training (10am - 4pm)

Minimum Class Size 最小班级人数: 5 to commence class

Maximum Class Size 最大班级人数: 20

Pre-requisite 先决条件:

  • No prior knowledge in Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency required. 无需金融科技,区块链和加密货币的先验知识
  • Participants are encouraged to bring at least one of the following: Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones with chargers. 鼓励参与者携带以下至少一项:笔记本电脑,平板电脑,带充电器的智能手机。

Course Support 课程援助 :

  • For Online Module, Before & After Module: Email to hi@ibs.edu.sg 对于在线单元,单元之前和之后:通过电子邮件发送至hi@ibs.edu.sg
  • During Course: Adult Educator(s) are on-site to provide support。 课程期间:现场有成人教育工作者提供支持

Financial Details 财务细节

  • Course Fees 学费:
  • Individuals: USD $70 | SGD $100 per pax
  • IBS's Strategic & MOU Partners: $600 per organisation (up to 10 pax)
  • NPO/VWC/Government Agencies: $800 per organisation (up to 10 pax)
  • SMEs/MNCs: $1000 per organisation (up to 10 pax)

Funding Available 资金资助:

  • NIL

Refund Policy:

100% refund of course fees will be processed if:

  • The course is cancelled by organiser
  • Participant withdraw more than 7 days before course date
  • For withdrawal less than 7 days before course date, valid reasons such as a) Medical, b) Last Minute Travel Plans and c) Compassionate Grounds with valid documentations are submitted to finance@ibs.edu.sg
  • Valid documents accepted are medical certificate of self or next-of-kin, travel itinerary or death certificate.



  • 参加者在课程开始前7天以上退出
  • 对于在课程开始日期前不到7天的提款,请提供以下有效理由,例如a)医疗,b)最后一分钟旅行计划以及c)带有有效文件的有同情心的理由,请发送至finance@ibs.edu.sg
  • 接受的有效证件包括自我或近亲的医疗证明,旅行路线或死亡证明。

Assessment & Certification 评估与认证


  • There will be a composite assessment for the course. Assessment take into account the total % of class participation points.
  • Class participation includes a) Open-Ended Question b) Poll c) Collaboration - Group Discussion d) Quiz conducted during the course.


  • 该课程将进行综合评估。 评估考虑了课堂参与分数的总百分比。
  • 课堂参与包括:a)开放式问题b)投票c)合作-小组讨论d)在课程中进行的测验。


Participants will receive an electronically issued Certificate of Attainment (COA) on blockchain via GovTech's OpenCerts upon satisfying 75% of the attendance, attained 70% class participation rate and completed end of course evaluation form.