Applications Development on Ethereum Blockchain

MODULE Description

Module Code: CBC-ADEB

Credit Value: 1

Blended Learning Mode:

  1. E-Learning (Self-directed Learning) with Face-to-face Class (Facilitated Training) OR

  2. E-Learning (Self-directed Learning) with Online Class (Facilitated Training)

*Flipped classroom (Learners will attempt eLearning before attending the facilitated training)

Pre-requisite: CBC-FBP Fintech & Blockchain Primer

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Understand Ethereum network

  • Install tools required for development on Ethereum

  • Create a simple application in Ethereum

  • Describe what is Ethereum.

  • Explain the core technologies of Ethereum.

  • Compare DApp with App.

  • Prepare Node.js and npm package manager.

  • Prepare Metamask.

  • Prepare Dependencies.

  • Interpret smart contract.

  • Use Remix to interact with smart contract.

  • Use Truffle to compile and deploy smart contract on local machine.

  • Create a dapp frontend.

  • Deploy the example dapp.

MODULE Outline

Introduction to Ethereum & Solidity (2 hours eLearning)

  • Brief History of Ethereum

  • What is Ethereum and Ether (ETH)

  • Ethereum vs. other Blockchains

  • The Ethereum Architecture

  • Ethereum Protocols (1.0, 2.0, Sharding)

  • Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

  • Ethereum Clients

  • Ethereum Wallet

  • Ethereum Use Cases

Enterprise Ethereum

  • Ethereum Community & Ecosystem (EEA, Hyperledger)

  • Case Study - Brave

  • Case Study - CargoX


  • Technical Requirements

  • Solidity as a Contract

  • Contract Version

  • Defining Contract

  • Variables

  • Arithmetic Operations

  • Operators & Data Types

  • Structs

  • Mappings

  • Functions

  • Hashes and Typecasting

Selected Topics for CBC Main Track

Applications Development

  • How to Develop Ethereum DApp

  • Installation of Tools & Scripts

  • Ethereum Studio

  • Remix Integrated Development Environment

  • Setup Dapp Development Environment

  • Create and Deploy Smart Contract

Administrative Details

Duration: 2 hours eLearning + CBC Main Track Day 2 (1pm to 6pm)


  • Basic IT literacy.

  • Pre-installation of Tools & Scripts (will be provided).

  • No prior knowledge in Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency required.

  • Participants are encouraged to bring at least one of the following: Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones with chargers.

Financial Details

Course Fees

  • Individuals: USD $70 | SGD $100 per pax

  • IBS's Strategic & MOU Partners: 50% discount

  • Non-Profit Organisation/VWC/Government Agencies: 30% discount

  • Small Medium Enterprises: 10% discount

Funding Available

  • NIL

Refund Policy

100% refund of course fees will be processed if:

  • The course is cancelled by organiser

  • Participant withdraw more than 7 days before course date

  • For withdrawal less than 7 days before course date, valid reasons such as a) Medical, b) Last Minute Travel Plans and c) Compassionate Grounds with valid documentations are submitted to

  • Valid documents accepted are medical certificate of self or next-of-kin, travel itinerary or death certificate.

Assessment & Certification


  • There will be an ungraded e-Assessment for the eLearning session.


Participants will receive an electronically issued Certificate of Attainment (COA) on blockchain via GovTech's OpenCerts upon satisfying 75% of the attendance, attained 70% class participation rate and completed end of course evaluation form.