Pre-requisite: Exam Candidates has completed 7 Credit Value (CV) of the CBC Programme and the End-of-Course Evaluation Form OR entry by Assessment Only Pathway (AOP).

Examination Mode:

  1. e-Examination & e-Proctoring.

  2. Open-Book Exam.

  3. Prepare and Setup Zoom (Technical Requirements & User Guide).

  4. Candidates are to prepare their photo ID (National ID, Driving Licence or Passport) and show it to the Proctor.

  5. Candidates are to turn on their video mode at all time.

  6. Candidates are not allowed to leave their screen during the examination.

  7. There shall be no communications with other candidates during the examination.

  8. There shall be no other people in the surrounding you are taking the examination at.

  9. Switch mobile phone to silent mode and there shall be no using of mobile phone.

  10. Any failure to comply with examination instructions will be deemed as an dishonest act and leading to termination of examination qualification and results.

Exam Dates & Time:

  • 5 Dec 2020 (Sat) 10am - 12pm (2 hours)

  • 5 Jun 2021 (Sat) 10am - 12pm (2 hours)

Exam Online Link: Will be emailed to registered candidates

Examination Fee: $100

Exam Structure: Written Test

Question Structure:

  • 10 Open Ended Questions

Important Note:

  • Candidates shall attempt ALL questions

Attempt: There is only ONE (1) attempt.

Duration: 2 hours

Passing/Competent Criteria: To score 75% (7.5 out of 10 questions) & above.

Exam Results Legend:

  • Competent: You have passed the Examination.

  • Not Yet Competent: You have not passed the Examination.

  • Withdrawn: You have/is withdrawn from the Examination.

Exam Results Release: Will be available 7 days after the examination date.

Exam Appeal: A written exam appeal to be submitted to the Academic & Examination Board at aeb@ibs.edu.sg within 14 days of the examination.

Exam Enquiry: For all other examination enquiries, please email the Academic & Examination Board at aeb@ibs.edu.sg