Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Are there course fees discounts?

We offer 100% scholarships to Full-Time students and Seniors above 55 years old) if they have lower income (subject to application and approval) .

  • Can I take the learning units one by one instead of enrolling in the whole programme?

You will need to enroll into the CBC programme. During the eLearning, you can attempt the learning units individually during the given window. On another hand, only 1 course - Fintech & Blockchain Primer is available as a standalone course.

  • If the CBC course did not meet the minimum class size of 5 pax, what will happen?

An invoice will only be issued to you once there is a minimum of 5 pax. However, if you have paid the fees in advance, there will be full fee refund to you or you can request for the next intake.

  • I have registered for the CBC course and paid for it, can I defer/postpone?

Yes you can with no additional charges. However, each learner can only defer/postpone 1 time.


  • I am not feeling well or having urgent matters to attend to, can I leave halfway?

You may leave. However, all learners are required to fulfill 75% of the attendance and complete the composite assessment at the end of the day. Your absence may result in not passing the module. You will need to retake the module.


  • I have completed the final examination will I received the certificate?

After the exam, the processing time is 14 days to mark the papers and if you pass the exam, you will receive the certificate.

  • If I failed the final examination, what should I do next?

You can register for the next examination and pay for the fees. Alternatively, if you wish to appeal, you may email to within 7 working days after receiving the results, and submit an appeal fee of $50.