IOST Blockchain


Institute of Blockchain became a Partner Node (Node name: ibsedusg) of IOST Blockchain in Q1 2019.

IOST token holders are able to vote for ibsedusg node via iWallet or PureWallet. Details about our node is located:

Voters are able to claim bonus rewards when IBS perform our voting rewards claim on every Sunday. Votes cast are not spent and voters are able to unvote, however votes will be frozen for 7 days before they can vote again.

For other Partner Nodes with 2.1 million IOST votes & above who voted for ibsedusg will be considered as a mutual node and ibsedusg will return the vote in our determined amount.

For details on IOST, please visit , for creation of IOST wallet, please click here or email for assistance.


IOST通证持有者可以通过iWallet或PureWallet为ibsedusg节点投票。 有关我们节点的详细信息位于:

当区块链学院在每个星期日执行我们的投票奖励要求时,投票者都可以要求奖励。 投票不会花费,投票者也可以取消投票,但是票数将被冻结7天,然后他们才能再次投票。


有关IOST, 请点击 ,关与IOST钱包创建的详细信息,请点击此处或发送电子邮件至 以获得帮助。