CBC Credentialling

How do I get certified in the field of Blockchain?

The credential of Certified Blockchain Consultant® (or CBC) is one of the certifications a blockchain professional may consider to apply. The CBC is awarded by application only. It will be electronically issued via blockchain and verifiable by OpenCerts platform. The Credential can be added to MySkillsFuture's Skills Passport.

Eligibility for Application

Option A: Attempt and pass the CBC Course

Supporting Document: Certificate of Completion of CBC Course.


Option B: Attempt and pass any of the following external recommend Course/Learning/Training.

Supporting Document: Certificate of Completion of the Course/Learning/Training.


  • Credential holders and their organisations (where they are a key management of) are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics for Blockchain Professionals/Consultants, failing which, their credential will be revoked.

  • The credential will also be revoke if Credential holders does not submit proof of CPD participation/hours.


  • Ordinary Member of IBS (in ACRA record) with voting right during IBS's Annual General Meeting

  • Authentic, verifiable, shareable, tamper-free certificate on OpenCerts (A GovTech's initiative).

  • Access to Blockchain e-Library with more than 800+ blockchain resources.

  • Be listed in CBC Directory maintained privately by IBS.

  • Discount/Complimentary access to partner events.

  • Discount to other IBS Courses.

  • Recognition and mark of excellence within the blockchain space.

  • May attend IBS CBC Course as a Refresher (for previous CBC Course Learners)

  • No expiry of CBC (*Subject to revocation if did not meet CPD hours)

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  • Pay a one-time application fee of:

  • 2022 Application Window:

    • Apply between Jan to Mar | Awarded by Apr

    • Apply between Apr to Jun | Awarded by Jul

    • Apply between Jul to Sep | Awarded by Oct

    • Apply between Oct to Dec | Awarded by Sep

  • Submission of application and upload payment proof & relevant documents using below form:


  • The CBC credential is valid for a lifetime from the date of award subject to maintaining of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) currency.

  • To maintain the credential, an existing CBC holder will be required to undergo the following Continuing Professional Development (CPD)'s activities:

  1. Completing at least TWO (2) Fintech / Blockchain consultancy/development projects within a period of 2 years from the date of award OR

  2. Attend at least ONE HUNDRED (100) hours of Fintech / Blockchain professional development courses / workshops / seminars within a period of 2 years from the date of award OR

  3. Been training or educating others on Blockchain for at least ONE HUNDRED (100) hours in recent 2 years OR

  4. Currently working at a Fintech or Blockchain firm for at least 2 years OR

  5. Volunteering with IBS's Governing Council or general volunteer for a term of ma minimum of 2 years.


  1. Submission of valid supporting documents to hi@ibs.edu.sg