Certified Blockchain Consultant® (CBC)


Disclaimer: This is not a Developer/Programmer's, Technical-focused or investment/trading course. While certain aspects of technical/investment/trading will still be covered.

Institute of Blockchain® (IBS) Ltd is the Certification Awarding Body (CAB) and Certification Owner (CO) for the issuance of Certified Blockchain Consultant® (CBC). A Certified Blockchain Consultant® is a blockchain professional who is trained in the Executive, Standards & Technical and Elective tracks.

The Executive track cover the basics of Fintech & Blockchain, its business models & strategies, blockchain compliance and regulation and Enterprise Blockchain.

The Standards and Technical track cover blockchain's taxonomy, ontology, reference architecture, use cases, security, privacy, identity, smart contract applications, governance, and interoperability based on ISO TC307 Technical Standards.

The Elective track covers fundamental blockchain applications development on Ethereum Blockchain such as smart contracts and decentralized applications and transferable soft skills such as the SkillsFuture Singapore's Critical Core Skills (e.g Digital Fluency, Problem Solving etc..)

This course prepares learners to provide business consultation on Fintech & Blockchain technology primarily within the financial services and Info-communication Technology sectors and may extend to Logistics, Healthcare and Energy sectors. Learners shall be proficient in Fintech & Blockchain knowledge and skills after 2 months of training and assessment.

course structure


This is a 30 hours (or 2 months) course (both asynchronous and synchronous), comprising of 7 Core learning units from Executive, Standards & Technical Track and 3 Elective learning units. The CBC is designed in accordance to the Skills Framework for Financial Services.

At the end of the course, learners has to pass the Competency Assessment (CA) to attain the CBC qualification. This course is available primarily in English & customizable to the Chinese language for Chinese-speaking countries.

CBC uses flipped classroom methodology, Learners will go through 6 - 8 weeks of self-directed eLearning (Asynchronous) at their own pace and time. Follow by 3 days of instructor-led/facilitated online training (Synchronous). Learners will acquire a minimum of 10 Credit Value (CV) before they are eligible to take the Competency Assessment (CA).

Executive Track

Standards & Technical Track

Elective Track

3 Days Instructor-Led (Synchronous)

Day 1:

Day 2:



Day 3:



CBC Competency Assessment


Training Pathway

Course will be conducted via blended learning:

  • Session 1: Self-directed eLearning (Asynchronous) and

  • Session 2: Instructor-Led/Facilitated Classroom/Online Training (Synchronous)

Assessment Pathway

  • Assessment Only Pathway (AOP)

AOP is for learners whom have taken a IBS or non-IBS blockchain course/programme in recent 1 year are able to seek waiver from attending the entire CBC Course and may attempt the CBC Competency Assessment directly to attain the CBC qualification.

Documentary Proof: Upload softcopy of Certificate with/without Transcript or indicate URL to Certificate.

  • Recognition of Prior Learning Pathway (RPL)

RPL is for learners whom has prior on-job-training or experience working in a Fintech or Blockchain organisation for at least 1 year are able to seek waiver from attending the entire CBC Course and attempt the CBC Competency Assessment directly to attain the CBC qualification.

Documentary Proof: Upload written Work Portfolio documenting relevant work or experience.


SkillsFuture Course Code: TGS-2020513463

SkillsFuture Course Directory: https://www.myskillsfuture.sg/content/portal/en/training-exchange/course-directory/course-detail.html?courseReferenceNumber=TGS-2020513463

Estimated Duration to Complete CBC: 2 months (35 hours)

Minimum Class Size: 5 to commence class | Maximum Class Size: 20

Mode of Training: Part-Time

Course Language: English and Mandarin Chinese

Min. Entry Requirements:

  • To pass an Aptitude Entrance Test (AET).

  • Professional Qualification and/or Other Diploma of any course.

  • Workplace Numeracy (WPN) Level: Level 6 - Advanced

  • Workplace Literacy (WPL) Level: Level 6Advanced

  • No prior working experience required.

  • No prior technical qualifications or experience required.

  • This course is open to all nationalities.




  • #1: 1 Sep - 18 Oct 2020 (Completed)

  • #2: 1 Jan - 27 Feb 2021 (Completed)

  • #3: 7 May - 3 Jul 2021 (Full)

  • #4: 3 Sep - 30 Oct 2021 (Full)

Next Enrollment Period: 1 Nov 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

Session Schedule

Financial Details

Course Fees

  • SGD $1250 per Learner (*exclusive of $60 Competency Assessment Fees)

    • COVID-19 Rate: $500 per Learner

*All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Refer to here for Payment Modes & Refund Policy.


  • IBS's Strategic & MOU Partners (for organisation): 50% discount

  • Non-Profit Organisation/VWC/Government Agencies/BIG Members (for organisation): 30% discount

  • IBS Alumni: 15% discount

*Documentary Proof: Upload incorporation documents, MOU, relevant Certificates during course enrollment.

Funding Available


100% Scholarship is available for Singapore Citizens & Permanent Resident whom are:

  1. Current Full-time Tertiary Student from Polytechnics and Universities

Supporting Document(s):

  • Letter of Certification from Polytechnics/Universities AND

  • Digital Copy of Student Pass

  1. Seniors above 60 years old

Supporting Document(s):

  • Digital Copy of NRIC / Passport

  1. Blue CHAS Card Holder earning $1200 and below per month

Supporting Document(s):

Additional Requirements/Note:

  • Submit/upload supporting documents during online course enrollment.

  • Provide reasons/justifications (not less than 100 words) for the scholarship.

  • Upon completing and passing CBC, the scholarship applicant has to submit a Reflection Journal (in any of their own social medias) of not less than 200 words in order to receive the full qualification.

  • The scholarship only covers course fees and does not cover Competency Assessment fees.

  • The scholarship application is a case-by-case basis and is subjected to quota and approval.

Assessment & Certification


  • Formative Assessment (FA)

Formative Assessment (FA) comprises of Written Assignments and e-Assessment (Quiz) for all eLearning Units. Learners will be assessed after completion of each eLearning Unit. FA count towards the final Summative Assessment grade, passing score for FA is at least 50% and the weightage of the FA is 50%.

  • Competency Assessment (CA)

Competency Assessment (CA) comprises of one Written Test for all Learning Units. Learners will be assessed after the completion of CBC Course. CA count towards the final Summative Assessment grade, passing score for CA is at least 70% and the weightage of the CA is 50%.

  • Summative Assessment (SA)

Upon achieving a total of at least 70% score from the FA & CA combined will lead to the award of CBC qualification.

For Learners on Assessment Pathway Only (AOP) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathways: Upon achieving a total of at least 70% score from CA will lead to the award of CBC qualification.


To attain the CBC Qualification, learner must:

  • Obtain a minimum Credit Value (CV) of 10 CV

  • Have 75% attendance for all learning units.

  • Achieved at least 50% score for the Formative Assessment

  • Achieved at least 70% score for the CBC Competency Assessment

  • The combined Summative Assessment (FA + CA) is at least 70% score.


Upon completion of all the eLearning units (Aysynchronous eLearning and Synchronous Training), the learner will be awarded a Certificate of Completion (COC).

Upon passing the CBC Summative Assessment, the learner will be awarded the Certified Blockchain Consultant® (CBC) Qualification and able to use CBC title after their name. e.g. John, CBC. CBC is valid for a period of 2 years, subjected to renewal.

All certificates will be issued electronically on blockchain via Government Technology Agency, Singapore's OpenCerts platform.


The CBC equips the learners with Fintech and Blockchain knowledge and technical skills for relevant job roles and occupation pathway:

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry

  • Blockchain Architect

  • Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain Engineer

  • Blockchain Researcher

  • Blockchain Solutions Consultant

Financial Services Industry

  • Cryptocurrency Broker / Trader

  • Cryptocurrency Market Analyst

Logistics Industry

  • Business Process Engineer / Operations Specialist

  • IT Business Solutions Project Specialist

  • Logistics Data Specialist

  • Logistics Innovation & Process Improvement / Logistics Systems Manager

Wholesale Trade Industry

  • Business / Market Research Analyst

  • Credit Analyst

  • Commodities Trader

  • Contract Specialist

  • Derivatives Trader

  • Operations Assistant / Coordinator

  • Procurement / Sourcing Assistant

  • Risk Analyst

  • Sales Assistant / Coordinator

  • Trade Finance Analyst