CBC Competency Assessment will be conducted and proctored by Institute of Blockchain. Candidate(s) has to register with IBS.

Assessment Fee: SGD$60 | USD$45

Re-assessment Fee: SGD $20 | USD$15

Appeal Fee: $30 | USD$22

Re-schedule Fee: SGD $10 | USD$7

Assessment Registration:

  1. Visit https://www.skilleto.sg/trainee/en/coursedetails/ca225b62-17e7-4b17-b452-feda09f3811d

  2. Click Course Run and register for the next Course Run.

  3. Select Sponsorship type (Individual/Company Sponsored).

  4. Upload Supporting Document (if any)

    • For Assessment-Pathway-Only (AOP) - Upload completed Work Portfolio

    • For Re-Assessment - Upload signed Summary Assessment Record

  5. Select Assessment-Pathway-Only (AOP) fee or Re-assessment Fee

  6. Complete assessment registration and wait for email notification (check spam/junk mail) from Skilleto within 7 days.

  7. *Payment has to be completed after assessment registration, email payment details/screenshot to finance@ibs.edu.sg

  8. Registration will close 7 days before the intake commencement date.


Assessment Frequency

  • Assessment are held 4 times a year, usually after each CBC Course intake (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).

  • Upon completing the CBC Course, candidates may choose any of the assessment period to attempt whenever they are ready.

  • Candidates has maximum of 2 attempts to pass, after exhausting 2 attempts, candidates will need to repeat the entire CBC course.

Assessment Venue

  • Canvas Learning Management System AND

  • Online Assessment: Google Meet (Primary platform) OR Zoom (backup platform)

Types of Assessments

  • Formative Assessment (Ungraded) - It is the overall assessment for the CBC eLearning phase.

  • Competency Assessment (Graded) - To be taken after completing CBC Course.

To pass the CBC Course. Candidates need to be assessed Competent (Pass) in the CA.

Assessment Purpose

Competency Unit: Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology

To confirm the competency of the candidate to:

  1. Understand blockchain technology / distributed ledger technology

  2. Understand how blockchain / distributed ledger technology works from a technical perspective

Assessment Outcome

  • Competent (C): The candidate has passed the assessment.

  • Not Yet Competent (NYC): The candidate has not passed the assessment.

  • Withdrawn: The candidate has withdrawn from the assessment and will be allowed to take in the next assessment window.

  • No Show: The candidate is absent from the assessment and will be deemed as NYC.

  • Exempted: The candidate is eligible to take the assessment and has yet to take the assessment.


Pre-requisite: Candidates has completed the CBC Course OR entry by Assessment Only Pathway (AOP).

Assessment Procedures:

  1. Online assessment with proctoring by a IBS Assessor.

  2. It is an Open-Book Assessment. Candidates may refer to both online and offline materials.

  3. Prepare and Setup Google Meet (require Google Account) or Zoom (Technical Requirements & User Guide) or before the assessment.

  4. The assessment will require the use of both virtual meeting platform and Canvas Learning Management System.

  5. Candidates are advised to come online 15 minutes before the assessment for attendance taking and briefing of Assessment Instructions.

  6. No extra time will be compensated for late-comers

  7. If any candidate is late for more than 15 minutes, they will be considered Withdrawn and need to retake the assessment at the next available schedule at additional cost.

  8. Any failure to comply with assessment instructions will be deemed as a dishonest act and leading to termination of qualification and results.

Assessment Method

  • Written Assignment

Question & Scoring Structure

  • 20 Open-Ended Questions

  • Candidates shall attempt ANY 15 out of 20 questions.

Competent/Passing Criteria for CA: Candidates need to be assessed Competent in ALL 15 questions

Assessment Outcome Release: Will be available 14 days after the assessment date.

Assessment Enquiry: For all other assessment enquiries, please email the Assessors at ca@ibs.edu.sg


  1. When providing Summary Assessment Record to the candidate, the candidate must be asked if they agrees with the assessment outcome.

  2. If the candidate agrees with the assessment outcome, the assessor and the candidate must sign the Assessment Summary Record (Both sections of “Final Assessment Outcome” and “In the case of a NYC outcome”)

  3. When providing Summary Assessment Record to the candidate, the candidate must be asked if he/she agrees with the outcome.

  4. If the assessment result is “Not Yet Competent (NYC)”. The candidate has the right to APPEAL the assessment outcome made by the assessor OR RETAKE the assessment.

  5. Before undertaking either the appeal or retake options. A NYC candidate may schedule an online 30 minutes session with the Assessor to go through the assessment outcome and/or questions using Calendy or other scheduling methods provided by the Assessor.

  6. The assessor shall provide the e-meet link and details to the Candidate once the scheduled date is confirmed.

  7. If the Assessor is satisfied that the Candidate is able to justify the responses given during assessment, the assessor may adjust the overall assessment outcome to “Competent”.


  1. If the candidate does not agree with the assessment outcome (NYC) and wishes to appeal, the candidate should NOT sign the Summary Assessment Record.

  2. If the candidate intends to appeal the assessment outcome, he/she should discuss the matter with the assessor.

  3. If he/she is still not satisfied with the decision, the candidate must notify the assessor of the intention to appeal. The assessor will reflect the candidate’s intention in the Feedback section of the Assessment Summary Record.

  4. The Assessor will notify the Academic & Examination Board (AEB) about the Candidate's intention to lodge an appeal.

  5. The candidate must lodge the appeal in writing to aeb@ibs.edu.sg within 14 days from results notification date giving reasons for the appeal together with the stipulated appeal fee of S$30.

  6. If the appeal is not submitted or appeal fee is not paid, the appeal will not proceed.

  7. The Academic & Examination Board (AEB) will collect information from the candidate, assessor and/or proctor and give a decision.

  8. The decision of appeal will be FINAL and made known to the candidate within 7 days from the date of appeal submitted.

  9. A record of the appeal and any subsequent actions and findings will be made.

  10. The maximum number of time(s) for appeal is ONE (1) time per assessment.

  11. If an appeal is not successful or exceeds the number of appeals, the candidate has to retake the assessment.


  1. If the candidate agree with the assessment outcome (NYC) and wishes to re-take, the candidate should sign the Summary Assessment Record.

  2. The candidate may choose to retake the assessment for ONE (1) time after paying the re-assessment fee.

  3. Candidates will register for the next Assessment.

  4. If the candidate gets a ‘NYC’ for the 2nd time after re-taking, he/she will need to repeat the entire Course and there is no waiver of course fees and subsequent assessment fee,

  5. If the candidate chooses to retake and the Summary Assessment Record is not signed, the candidate will not be allowed to retake the assessment.