BLOCKCHAIN-BASED Certificate - OpenCerts

  • All IBS's certificates are verifiable on OpenCerts - a blockchain-based platform developed by Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech).

  • Benefits:

    • Secure & Tamper-Proof.

    • 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

    • No physical certificates required for verification.

  • How it works?:

    • Receive the OpenCerts file with file extension .opencert from IBS. The OpenCerts file is an encrypted file of your certificate.

    • Go to OpenCerts website - https://opencerts.io/

    • Verify the certificate by Select or Drag and Drop the OpenCerts file in OpenCerts.

    • Show it to potential employers or any interested parties, alternatively they can verify it on their own with your OpenCerts file.

  • What is OpenCerts Blockchain Platform?

    • OpenCerts is the umbrella trademark with a few key components:

      • An open source schema for publishing educational credentials

      • A set of tools for generating cryptographic protections for educational credentials

      • This online website for verifying the authenticity of OpenCerts files.

  • Can I rename my OpenCerts file?

    • You may rename your OpenCerts file but you must retain the file extension (.opencert).

  • I have misplaced my OpenCerts file. What do I do?

    • The OpenCerts file is unique to you. If you have misplaced your OpenCerts file, you may also drop us an email at hi@ibs.edu.sg with the following information and we will resend you the OpenCerts file:

1. Full Name

2. Course Name

3. Date of Course

  • Can I use any Internet browser to view OpenCerts website?

    • The OpenCerts website is best viewed in Chrome browser.

  • Can I print my OpenCerts certificate/export as PDF?

    • Printing the certificate or exporting it as PDF discards all the advanced cryptographic protections that are built into the OpenCerts, hence printing or exporting is not recommended.

    • There is a Print button on OpenCerts website for you to print your certificate or export it as PDF format.

    • For PDF exporting: Please use the suggested settings for a better format.

Suggested browser print/export settings