Our Adult Educators (AE)

Following is our qualified Adult Educators or Trainers. Each AE/Trainer has an evaluation rating (evaluated by learners) of 4.0 (out of 5) and above.

We are looking for Adult Educators/Facilitators/Trainers with either a WSQ ACTA, ACLP, DACE, DDDLP, or equivalent training/facilitation/blockchain qualification to join us as Adult Educators (AEs) or Assessors

AEs are remunerated hourly or per-project basis with progression to higher associate positions and remuneration.

The roles and progression available:

Alvin Chua 

(Senior Adult Educator & Chief Assessor)

Laurence Zhang 

(Senior Adult Educator)

Ian Lee

(Senior Adult Educator) 

Arun Devan

(Associate Adult Educator)

Yeo Jiren