COURSE Description

Module Code: IBS-UIRC

Credit Value: 2

Learning Mode: Self-Directed eLearning

Synopsis :

RPA technology is changing how the world gets work done.

Software robots, instead of people. do repetitive and lower-value work, like logging into applications and systems, moving files and folders, extracting, copying, and inserting data, filling in forms, and completing routine analyses and reports. Advanced robots can even perform cognitive processes, like interpreting text, engaging in chats and conversations, understanding unstructured data, and applying advanced machine learning models to make complex decisions.

When robots do these types of repetitive, high-volume tasks, humans are freed to focus on the things they do best and enjoy more: innovating, collaborating, creating, and interacting with customers. Enterprises get a boost too: higher productivity, efficiency, and resilience. It’s no wonder that RPA is rewriting the story of work.

In this course, we will be using UiPath software, of the the RPA market leader recognized by Gartner.

UiPath Academic Alliance Partnership certificate_Institute of Blockchain.pdf

IBS is an Academic Alliance Partner of UiPath

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this learning unit, learners will learn:

  • Understand what is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Identify business processes suitable for automation

  • Build simple automation solutions with UiPath

COURSE Outline

  • Introduction to RPA and Automation

  • Get Started with RPA Development

  • A Day in the Life of an RPA Developer

  • Variables, Arguments, and Control Flow in Studio

  • UI Automation with Studio

  • DataTables and Excel Automation with Studio

  • Data Manipulation in Studio

  • Selectors in Studio

  • Project Organization in Studio

  • Debugging in Studio

  • Error and Exception Handling in Studio

  • Introduction to Logging in Studio

  • Orchestrator for RPA Developers

  • Email Automation with Studio

  • PDF Automation in Studio

  • Version Control Systems Integration in Studio

  • RPA Testing with Studio Pro

  • e-Assessment

Administrative Details

Duration: 36 hours (available anytime)


Course Fees

  • $22 per Learner

*All fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Refer to here for Payment Modes & Refund Policy.

IBS Additional Discount

  • IBS's Strategic & MOU Partners (for organisation): 50% discount

  • Non-Profit Organisation/VWC/Government Agencies/BIG Members (for organisation): 30% discount

  • IBS Alumni: 15% discount

*Documentary Proof: Upload incorporation documents, MOU, relevant Certificates during course enrollment.

Funding Available

  • Nil

Assessment & Certification


  • There will be an e-Assessment for this course.


  • Learners will receive an electronically issued Certificate of Completion (COC) issued on the blockchain via OpenCerts (by Government Technology Agency, Singapore) upon completing the Course and end of-course Learning & Training Evaluation Form.