BLOCKCHAIN-BASED Certificate - OpenCerts

  • IBS's issued certificates are verifiable on OpenCerts - a blockchain-based platform developed by Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech).

  • Key Benefits

    1. Secured & Tamper-Proof.

    2. 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.

    3. No physical certificates required for verification.

    4. 100% authentic certificate/credential

  • How does it work?

    1. Receive the OpenCerts file with file extension .opencert from IBS. The OpenCerts file is an encrypted file of your certificate/credential.

    2. Go to OpenCerts website - https://opencerts.io/

    3. Verify the certificate/credential by clicking Select File (upload) OR Drag and Drop the OpenCerts file in OpenCerts.

    4. You may show it to a potential employer or any concerned party. Alternatively, they can verify it on their own if you email them the OpenCerts file.

  • What is OpenCerts Platform?

    1. OpenCerts has a few key components:

      • An open-source schema for publishing educational credentials

      • A set of tools for generating cryptographic protections for educational credentials

      • Online website for verifying the authenticity of OpenCerts files via Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Can I rename my OpenCerts file?

You may rename your OpenCerts file but you must retain the file extension (.opencert).

  • I have misplaced my OpenCerts file. What do I do?

The OpenCerts file is unique to you. If you have misplaced your OpenCerts file, you may email us at hi@ibs.edu.sg with the following information and we will re-issue you the new OpenCerts file:

  • Full Name

  • Course Name

  • Date of Course Commencement

*The old OpenCert file will be revoked and rendered invalid.

  • Can I use any Internet browser to view OpenCerts website?

Yes. Ideally, the OpenCerts website is best viewed in Chrome browser.

  • Can I print my OpenCerts certificate/export as PDF?

    1. Printing the certificate or exporting it as PDF discards all the cryptographic protections that are built into the OpenCerts, hence printing or exporting is not recommended.

    2. However, if there is a need to print, there is a Print button on OpenCerts website for you to print your certificate directly or export it in PDF format.

    3. For PDF exporting: Please use the suggested settings for a better format.

Suggested browser print/export settings