FINTECH & Blockchain Primer


Learning Unit Code: CBCC-FBP

Technical Competency Standard (TSC):

Emerging Technology Synthesis - FSE-SNA-3011-1.1-1 (Level 3)

Credit Value: 2

Learning Mode: E-Learning (Self-Directed Learning) & Online Class (Facilitated Training)

Pre-requisite: CBC Entry Requirements


Since 2014, Fintech has encompassed many technologies that propel various industries. One such technology is the blockchain technology. From concept formation and ideation of blockchain to the proliferation of blockchain applications (with cryptocurrency as one of the applications) and international standardization in the near future.

There is a rising trend in the business use case of blockchain and emerging technologies that encompasses Fintech and Blockchain. The growing interest to understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency works is spreading like a bush fire.

Fintech & Blockchain Primer provides fundamental concepts of Fintech & Blockchain to the Learners and practical knowledge of creating a blockchain wallet, exchange account, and performing a blockchain transaction. Learners will go through mini-lectures, group discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities during the course.

CBC-FBP has been running for 12 runs since Oct 2017 in Singapore, Hong Kong & Dubai. This is a learning unit under the Certified Blockchain Consultant® (CBC) Course.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Learning Unit, learners will be able to:

  • Define the meaning of Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

  • Identify the types of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & DLT

  • Discuss about the pros & cons of different types of Blockchain

  • Describe the characteristics or features of Blockchain

  • Display ability to view Blockchain transactions using a blockchain explorer

  • Execute a Blockchain transaction on a Blockchain

  • Analyze the relationship between Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & DLT

  • Distinguish the difference between Smart Contract & Traditional Contract

  • Recommend a Fintech or Blockchain Business Model for an Industry.

  • Compare ICO, IEO and STO.


PART 1 - Introduction to Fintech, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

(Asynchronous eLearning)


  • Brief History of Fintech & Blockchain

  • What is Fintech

  • Singapore-based Fintech Examples

  • Fintech Evolution

  • Reasons for the Rise of Fintech

  • Characteristics of Fintech Business Models

  • Why Fintech

  • Singapore Fintech’s Ecosystem

  • Emerging Technologies Trends


  • Blockchain Overview

  • Blockchain Evolution

  • What is Blockchain

  • Video: Some Illustrations of Blockchain

  • Blockchain Simplified

  • Blockchain/Block Explorer

  • Features of Blockchain

  • Types of Blockchain

  • Why Blockchain?

  • Risks of Blockchain

  • Blockchain Trilemma

  • What Can You Put On The Blockchain?

  • Singapore's Blockchain Landscape Map / Ecosystem

  • ASEAN Blockchain Consortium (ABC)

  • Blockchain Community

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution / Industry 4.0

  • Blockchain Standards

  • Blockchain Trends: Stablecoins, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Patents/Projects

  • Blockchain Smart City

  • Singapore's Project Ubin

  • Blockchain Adoption


  • Cryptocurrency Overview

  • What is Cryptocurrency

  • Features of Cryptocurrency

  • Types of Digital Currency

  • Types of Cryptocurrencies

  • Main Types of Token

  • Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

  • Why Cryptocurrency?

  • Deriving Cryptocurrency Value

  • Tax Position on Cryptocurrency

  • Due Diligence

PART 2 - Synchronous eLearning

Blockchain Business Models & Strategies

  • Blockchain Business Models Overview

  • Mining Circle Overview

  • From Miner to Validator

  • Mining Softwares

  • Mining Hardwares

  • Ming Costings

  • Activity - Mining Algorithms Analysis

  • Blockchain Circle Overview

  • Types of Blockchain Wallets & Blockchain Wallet Address

  • Top Blockchain

  • Decentralized Application (DApp), Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Decentralized Autonomous Organisation/Corporation (DAO/DAC)

  • Blockchain As A Service (BAAS) and its Financials

  • Activity - Creating a Blockchain Wallet

  • Cryptocurrency Circle Overview

  • What is ICO, IEO, STO

  • ICO, IEO, STO listing/issuance fees & process.

  • Methods for Obtaining Cryptocurrency

  • Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  • Licensed Digital Asset Exchange

  • Exchange Trends

  • Cryptocurrency Rating

  • Blockchain/Crypto Stocks/ETFs/Futures/CFDs

  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Investment Approach

  • Activity - Using a Sandbox Exchange

Blockchain Applications & Use Cases

  • Enterprise & Industry Use Cases

    • Financial Services

    • Logistics & Supply Chain

    • Academic/Education

    • Wholesale Trade & Trade Finance

  • OpenAttestation

    • OpenCerts

    • TradeTrust

    • HealthCerts

  • Do you need a Blockchain?

  • Activity - Case Study on Blockchain Use Case

e-Assessment (1 hour)

Administrative Details


  • Asynchronous eLearning (1 week - 3 learning hours per week)

  • Synchronous eLearning (10am to 6pm - 8 hours)


  • There will be an e-Assessment for this learning unit.

  • The Assessment Method for e-assessment is Writing Assignment.