Past President's Message (2ND TERM)

Greetings Visitors,

Institute of Blockchain® (IBS) was founded on one principle, which is the advancement of blockchain education and driving its adoption. Blockchain will continue to become a key catalyst of the 4th industrial revolution alongside AI, Cloud Computing, Data Science, IoT, AR/VR.


COVID-19 has strucked IBS badly and our intended face-to-face trainings has to be converted to online in a short amount of

time. We stand resilience and will continue to offer our blockchain courses online.

Social Enterprise

We have been exploring various business structures and the management has decided to go with a social enterprise model. In Jan 2021, the public has witnessed our transition to a social enterprise. Committed to create social value and making a social impact.

WSQ Accreditation

In Dec 2020, Certified Blockchain Consultant (CBC) has became a registered trademark. Moving forward, the goal for 2021-2022 is for CBC course to be accredited under WSQ.

16 Critical Core Skills

Last year, SkillsFuture Singapore launched the 16 Critical Core Skills.

We will be incorporating some of the soft skills, transferrable skills such as Digital Fluency, Problem Solving into our CBC curriculum.

May the Block be with you!

Alvin Chua

President, Institute of Blockchain®