Smart Contract and their Applications


Learning Unit Code: CBCC-SC

Technical Competency Standard (TSC):

Solution Configuration (Level 3) - FSE-DIT-3014-1.1-1

Credit Value: 2

Learning Mode: E-Learning (Self-Directed Learning)

Pre-requisite : CBC-FBP Fintech & Blockchain Primer


Have you heard of "Smart Contract are neither Smart or are they Contracts"? As smart contract inherits most of the characteristics and features of blockchain, it may turn out they are inflexible for changes and assume the limitations of the blockchain once they are deployed on the blockchain.

In CBC-SC, we will examine the benefits, challenges and operations of the smart contract and whether they are legal as "Contracts", as well as the various smart contract applications and use cases.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Learning Unit, learners will be able to:

  • Identify tools and scripts for Smart Contract Configuration

  • Perform basic tests and checks for the deployment of Smart Contact to Blockchain

  • Identify signs of errors and/or issues with Smart Contract deployment

learning unit Outline

Introduction to Smart Contract

(Asynchronous eLearning)

Topic 1 - Introduction to Smart Contract

  • History of Smart Contract

  • Understanding Smart Contract

  • Concept of Smart Contract - Onchain Smart Contract

  • Concept of Smart Contract - Offchain Smart Contract

  • Benefits of Smart Contract

  • Challenges of Smart Contract

  • Security of Smart Contract

Topic 2 - Operations of Smart Contract

  • On-Chain Smart Contract Deployment

  • Off-Chain Smart Contract Deployment

  • General Considerations on Real World Interaction

  • Lifecycle of Smart Contract - Overview

  • Lifecycle of Smart Contract - Modification

  • Lifecycle of Smart Contract - Update & Roll-back

  • Lifecycle of Smart Contract - Migration

  • Legally Binding Smart Contracts

  • Legal Enforceability of Smart Contract

  • Smart Contract Auditing (Coming Soon!)

Topic 3 - Examples, Applications & Use Cases of Smart Contract

  • Bitcoin Script

  • BigChainDB

  • Corda Smart Contracts

  • Ethereum Smart Contracts

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • Codius

  • Accord

  • CommonAccord

  • Smart Contracts Applications & Use Cases

e-Assessment (1 hour)

Administrative Details


  • Asynchronous eLearning (1 week - recommended 3 learning hours per week)


  • There will be an e-Assessment for this learning unit.

  • The Assessment Method for e-assessment is Writing Assignment.